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Seagull aircraft are the starting model for propeller aircraft. The propeller takes its movement from the power of the rubber engine to be installed. When it is thrown with the right angle and the right wind, it reaches 10 meters in height and can fly between 20-30 seconds. Take the flight on soft ground and when there is little wind. 120-150 turns should be established clockwise under the body.

There is no need for adhesives, utility knives and other types of cutters.

When flying in closed and open areas, leave it at the same time with the propeller rotation movement at an angle of 5-10 degrees from the hand.

Estimated production time: 15 minutes

Age group: +9



Wingspan: 45 cm

Body length 38 cm

Weight: 12 -15 g


Used materials

The product is produced by laser cutting.

Its body and connecting parts are made of Birch Tree.

Wings are made of Depron material


Click HERE for the production video.


SKU: 681189310854
  • Box contents

    1 Piece Body

    5 Wing Pieces

    5 Pieces of Wood Joint

    1 Piece Package Tire

    1 Piece Installing Tire (On duty of engine.)

    1 Piece of Propeller Set

    Wing Stickers

    Plan (Located on the box.)

1500₺ ve üzeri alışverişlerde kargo bizden!

 Tüm ödeme bilgileriniz iyzico güvencesi ile koruma altındadır.

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