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Comrat Model Glider

It is a medium distance model. When flying on days without the right angle and too wind, the flight distance of 25-35 meters was measured. The wind is shot backwards or in the side direction. It is preferred to fly in closed areas. It is suitable for easy carrying with its removable wing structure. All parts have assembly numbers.

Estimated construction time: 2-3 hours

Fast adhesive, white glue, stationery liquid adhesive (for coating) model knife and pin are required in its construction.

Fly in open areas parallel to the ground.

Age group: +13



Wingspan: 52 cm

Body length: 36 cm

Weight: 18-22 g


Used materials

The product is produced by laser cutting.

Its body and wings are made from Balsa or Birch Tree.

Wing coverings are made of raw paper


SKU: 681189310960
  • Box contents

    1 Piece Ayos Tree Trunk Bar
    Laser Cut Numbered Balsa Wing Parts
    Laser Cut Block Vertical and Horizontal Tail

    2 Pieces of Tire

    Tissue Paper for Wing Covering

    1 Plan
    2 Metal Balance Weights
    Bar Sanding

1500₺ ve üzeri alışverişlerde kargo bizden!

 Tüm ödeme bilgileriniz iyzico güvencesi ile koruma altındadır.

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